Music Content

What is MOOV?

MOOV is Hong Kong’s first and largest multi-platform digital streaming music service. It provides local music lovers an extensive range of different tastes. Users have unlimited access to a digital song library of Cantonese, Mandarin , Korean, Japanese, English songs, MVs and Concerts, bringing you totally new music experience. MOOV is available on the web through any browser; on our mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

What kind of music MOOV provides?

MOOV music library includes:
-Latest hits and classics, including some pre-released albums and songs.
-K-Pop zone bringing you the latest hits from Korea.
-Concerts videos and MVs
-Exclusive MOOV Live concerts
-Artist Music Guides
-Rock, Jazz, Chinese Opera, R&B and other genres

Is there any difference between the content in MOOV App and PC version?

The music contents available in MOOV App is basically the same as MOOV PC version.

How are MOOV charts calculated?

MOOV Charts are calculated according to the MOOV service subscribers’ broadcast count.

How to share music?

You can share songs, albums, artists, and playlists with your friends through Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram Stories. Tap “More” or ” Share” button on the right hand corner of the music player, and select the way you want to share.

Updated on 2022-02-10